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Dragging their asses back home one muse at a time

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Name:Taming The Muse
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Have you ever had your muse run out on you? You're in the middle of a story, and suddenly you realize your lazy muse has gone wandering off in the woods leaving you with a whole lot of white screen? Yeah. So, here's the deal. We're tracking those muses down and dragging them back to our brains whether they want to come or not.

See, we know that writers just need to write, so this community offers awards to writers who drag their muses back week after week and make themselves write. So, if you're interested in hauling your muse's ass back home, read the rules.

1. You win awards based on consistently writing good stories. ANYONE can join in ANY TIME, but the more weeks in a row you write, the higher the award you win. If you miss a week, your "run" is stopped.
See HERE for details on awards.

If you make 30 weeks in a row, you automatically win an award AND join our goddess. They have their own rules HERE.

Feeling really hard core and want to know what you get if you barrel straight through 30 and keep going? Then you have the option to earn even more awards and even provide prompts for the comm. Details HERE.

2. All stories must include the prompt for that week, and late stories or stories using a previous prompt do not count! So get your entry timestamped by Saturday midnight !

3. Stories or chapters posted here must be at least 500 words. Co-authored fics must have a minimum of 500 words per author. WIPs (Works in Progress) are welcome, but just give us links to the previous parts!

4. Monthly Challenge Rules can be found here.

5. We're open to all fandoms (and original fiction), ratings, and characters, but just to make sure no one gets any surprises, stories MUST have this heading...

To the subject line please enter the following line:
Prompt# - PromptText - Title - Author - fandom

6. READERS ARE WELCOME. So, if you didn't write for a prompt, we (mods and authors) still want your feedback!

7. Crossposting is shiny, and links are fine.

Your mods:

lit_gal - Founder

xocoatldreams - Keeper of Prompts, Tags and Links

catw00man - Keeper of Tracking, Awards and Prompts

zippitgood - Keeper of Tracking, Awards and Prompts

Community Icons... Feel free to take as many of these as you want. If you're good enough, you could even earn the awards that go with them.


We're pleased to be affiliated with the following writing sites:

shared_wisdom, a community that explores online writing and everything that accompanies it.

eyesofthedemon, another writing challenge community that works on a monthly basis with awards. If you think your muse is up to the task, give it a try!

autumnwrite, a 4-month, 150,000 word writing challenge for the Autumn of 2008. The community also offers support to help you with your challenge, and you can offer multiple stories for the challenge, not just a single one. Great if you'd like a little practice for NaNo.

lipstickpassion, a community for those who love femme-slash and everything beautiful that comes with it. A monthly writing challenge is available, along with posts filled with icons, fanfiction, original fiction, and more.

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