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Title: Dust In Her Mouth
Fandom: Original
Prompt: #562 - Triumph
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Summary: She should be celebrating her triumph, but instead she feels like she has dust in her mouth.

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 Title: JamesLily

Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompts: #562 – Triumph
Warnings: None
Pairings/Characters:  James/Lily
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 864
Summary:  Slytherin Lily gets an unexpected surprise.

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Hiya Tamers! I know, a bit later than usual. Welp, this week's prompt is:


Remember, all prompts are open to interpretation by the author. Make the prompt your own!

Comments and Questions welcome via the Contact the Mods page

Xocoatl aka Asharia

P.S. For those who haven't finished getting everything off the LJ version that they wanted to keep, don't worry, I'll leave it up for a bit longer.


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